Was it a contingent of gnomes capering near the shore?
Waiting for the mermaid’s demand for an encore?
Glittery spray dropped from whose arms
I watched mesmerized, drinking in her charms.
But the water nymph neither remonstrated nor roared.
Her hands did the talking
Wearing an invisibility cloak, I continued gawking.
She was a tiny dot on the fringe
Of the gilded vastness of the river.
Ah, my imagination had gone on a binge
Drip, drip, drip fell the spray
As her arms went up and down, down and up.
It glittered and glittered
And the gnomes gyrated and tittered.
Night fell
In a tiny cottage
A lamp burned
Swaying on its chain.
Somewhere, a singer sang the same old sad refrain.
The gnomes trooped into their decrepit shack
I jerked myself, and tried grudgingly to pack
My dreams, my fantasies
Filled with unease, looking at the rustling trees.
The mermaid stirred the pot under the glow of the lamp.
“Ouch”, she exclaimed, her neck had a crick and leg a cramp.
All the washing of clothes near the river
Had given her a pain severe.
Now deglamorized, and shorn of her sheen
She stooped in front of a stove, little and mean.
But she still retained a sparkling splendor
As with a hand tender
She caressed her smallest gnome
Throwing one look at the pealing walls of her home.
The lamp flickered
Casting a pale glow on the gnomes shabbily knickered.
But the lamp of my fantasies burned.
Suddenly there was a swish of wings quick
Ah, it was a fairy with a magic stick
With a flourish and a flick
And a magical click
Gone was the cramp and the crick
Her sleight of hand had done the trick.
The house was of gold and not of brick!
The gnomes happily danced
Draped in my invisibility cloak, I watched entranced.
Ears pricked to the receding canter of a unicorn
I awaited a new morn.

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