All life
I drew familiarity within me –
of my relationship with my family
with my friends, the nature, the sky
the burning sun, the silvery moon,
the temples, the mosques, the churches,
the pain, the pleasure, and all
the nights and the days

Yet, I know not the count of my senses
if ever it was
to check my bearing on life

that I was born with

My familiarity drew a drought
at the end
Desert to my wishes –
An ash

All went drifting away
like a mound on a higher space
Nothing resonated, nor
to pledge my familiarity

I was self proclaimed Deadman
buried somewhere into the dent of outer space
Away from the sounds of familiarity, that
These earthy people are proud of –
In language, arts and crafts

6 thoughts on “Familiarity

    1. tapeshwar Post author

      ‘m so blessed to have thy comments Gopal Da. I will cherish it to the very depth of me. Thee have really touched the mystical depth, of which I am inebriated with. Rest all others comments goes sliding on the surface, barring a few; not demeaning though.


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