Fall, only fall

Rain, insidious rain
Cannibal rain
Impoverishing rain

Droplets, tormenting droplets
Ledges, drums for the droplets
Punishment for the eardrums 

Fall, only fall
Fallen leaves, pavements soaked
Drenched in leaves
Putrid leaves

Puddles bitting at our shoes
Puddles sipping the whole army of clouds 

Rain, more rain, only rain 

Women growing sad, their wrinkles follow the droplets’ pattern on the sheet of glass
Their lives grow roots that meet the trees’ roots under pavements

Knots germinating
Brewing new seasons

But for now

Rain, insidious rain
Cannibal rain
Nauseating rain
Breaking knees rain

10 thoughts on “Fall, only fall

  1. Amita Paul

    Great use of Epistrophe, Anaphora, two forms of repetition used as a poetic device for creating a strong sense of feeling maddened by incessant Autumn rain with a foreboding of a long hard winter looming ahead. Epizeuxis , which is when a word or phrase is repeated twice or more times together , is the only form of repetition the poem does not use . A possible way of using it would be , say, “ Fall, fall , only fall “ or “ Rain, Rain , only Rain “ and so on . Epizeuxis in fact is considered to the most powerful forms of repetition in literary writing , as for example in Shakespeare’s song , “ Hark, Hark the lark “ .

  2. Nalini Srivastava

    I read this poem while in the backdrop of news of floods on the t.v and both painted the fury,fury of the matriarches cursing the rains and rains cursing the humans.Rainfall oh so furious fall.

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