Faith in humanity

Peace flies all over the world

Dressed in the invisible veil that life gifted to her

Spreading her sparkles everywhere

Hoping with all her heart, to see humans,

Imbibed with these,

Hugging each other for no reason

Tolerating each other out of their elevated consciousness

And loving each other sincerely!


But peace flies high up in the atmosphere

Little does she know

That as her sparkles fall on Earth

They get captured by the monster of darkness

Who pollutes them with his negativity

Before releasing them again on humanity!


Pray, what the monster knows not though,

Is that humans have the power to cleanse these back

Into their original state!

All it requires is an open heart

A positive intent,

And the well grasped notion

That life and Earth,

Belongs to naught!


Peace, keeps on flying, trusting the humans

Even if she unaware of the lurking monster hiding

Beneath her,

She flies and carries out her duty

As she knows that somehow, someday,

All of humanity shall wake!


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