Exordium & Terminus

Our days fade into the twilight ,
into the twilight and gone ;
gone forever those days ,
days that faded and are gone
into the twilight ;
That fading twilight lost
somewhere in our empty tomorrows ,
with all their emptinesses
that once were the promises
we had striven for ;
They too now have faded ,
long long into
that twilight ,
and are gone ,
and are gone .

2 thoughts on “Exordium & Terminus

  1. Sunil Sharma

    A requiem for time lapsed applicable to all. Playful, repetitive, sudden and abrupt—like lights of a departing ship bobbing up and down on rough waves, seen from a dark beach by searching eyes of a waiting soul, alone, amid phantoms of the day gone by and dying twilight…


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