Existential Exasperation

Do I remember the Past

as a portrait on the wall

or a book on a shelf?

the smoke that once rose

from a barbecue fire

or the splashes someone made

in the paddling pool?

Do I remember trains

that were never caught

and appointments missed

or voices raised in anger

and reconciliation dismissed?

Of futile questions

one stands out amongst them,

does anything really matter

at all?

6 thoughts on “Existential Exasperation

  1. Dr Swati A Gadgil

    Reading it over and over again gives a different and wider perspective….. brilliant piece sir….so much to learn from you

  2. Madhumathy

    The beautiful poem is a pithy statement or rather a question about flashes of memory that make meaning as well as no meaning when you come to think of it.Love this piece.

  3. pramilakhadun

    Beautiful ink which arouses thoughts and feelings in the deep crevices of our mind.Well done der friend Louis.


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