Existential Battle

Life and Death set out to battle against each other
Each wanting to be deemed as the ruler
Each wanting to tell the whole of Existence
That only one among them is the sole winner at hand!

Life opened its feathers
And danced dramatically
Thereby attracting all sorts of living forms to it
All, who mesmerized, could help not but
Be transfixed by its magnificence!

Life danced to the beats of some music
Which only it could hear
And laughed
Boisterously at its own grip upon itself!

But then Death sneeringly came about
And loomed over Life
Merely to have its creatures open their eyes
Which they had been keeping solidly
Closed till now,
And upon glancing at them,
The living creatures understood
Of how futile was their attraction
To that which shall never last,
And hypnotized by Death’s gloomy ugliness
They chose to succumb to it!

Life was left broken, existing
All alone, with no souls
To complement it
And upon seeing its desolate face
Death laughed and bid
These same life forms to enjoy
A yet another futile dance with a pretentious Life,
In a recycled state!

Death won it all the way round,
But Life, proud and egocentric,
Pretended that it knew not
That it was the vanquished one,
And kept on dancing
As much as it willed!

3 thoughts on “Existential Battle

  1. Amita Paul

    A deeply philosophical poem with a strong metaphysical content , this piece attempts to lay bare the interaction of forces of Life with the forces of Death in the universe . It is written in the form of a lyrical ode but in free verse .

  2. Dr Swati A Gadgil

    Great ode to life and accepting supremacy of death….. everything has to die to be born again…. everything that starts has to end someday….what comes first ..life or death is the question….


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