Excerpts from a Conversation

Who are you again?

Oh,that’s right!

yes,I remember now;



erm,no,you’re thinking about someone else,

no,he was there round about the same time,

yeah,that’s right,

and you?

cancer of the bowel? wow!

no,I..I’m sorry to hear that?

Me? oh coming up to 30 years..

Department of Work and Pensions,Benefits,

erm,well no,not particularly

I can’t remember ever sanctioning anyone suffering from cancer;

Tens of thousands? really?

that’s just shocking!

Yeah, I am a Union member..

Oh,I don’t know..

anyhow,nice catching up with you..

see you around again sometime?

2 thoughts on “Excerpts from a Conversation

  1. Parneet Jaggi

    An oblique hint at the disheartening loss of empathy and humanism, that lie at the core of humanity. The poem strikes a chord at this juncture of heightened materialism and professionalism.


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