Eternal verses

Man created walls
to avoid differences of coexistence
as says even Robert Frost in
his verses in “Mending Wall.”

Yet, in assimilated avarice and ego,
in larger groups he fights
for that wall of
borders and boundaries,
of a larger landscape,
of mighty mountains and more,
in irony’s guffaws
somewhere, some day, a scapegoat soldier
falling prey.

The forgotten fact, however, remains
that man himself is crippled
between the two hands of a clock,
that time is eternal
and man is mortal.

To those who envisage
potential peace as utopian,
I say that history is a cycle;
I cannot mend the ways of the world
but change the ways
my children think.

Let genesis begin from the
unfolding generation,
new seeds sprout
as strong banyan trees.

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About Brindha Vinodh

I am a postgraduate in Econometrics but a writer within. I have contributed to several anthologies and been published on many e-zines, journals, OPAS, etc. and a featured poet at an international publication house. My roseate sonnet was selected as one of the best poems of 2020 by the same group-InnerChildPress international.

4 thoughts on “Eternal verses

  1. amitapaul

    The exacerbations , annoyances and difficulties are indeed difficult to resolve , but Man being a social animal has few alternatives to peaceful resolution of differences and disputes if his race is to survive .


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