air and the earth
I floated like a skylark
felt like the venerable Wordsworth

I was exhilarated
macro had become micro
Encompassed by a huge illuminating circle
I was gliding over the fluffy clouds
In an incredible state of mind
with feathery and smoky hillocks of clouds beneath and above
I wondered whether I was still a mortal
I had always known that
it is only the soul that traverses the skies and the immortals

This was like Wordsworthian epiphany.

Life had never seemed so beautiful and surreal
A sanction from God, perhaps, who
gifted me wings to float and soar
through the enchanting heights!

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Dr Sangeeta Sharma is head of the department of English at Birla College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kalyan, affiliated to the University of Mumbai, India. She is widely published as a critic and poet. Besides that, she is a regular freelance for Mumbai-based national newspapers. Recently, she published a book In the Shadows: Women in Arthur Miller's Plays and co-edited Delightful Dickens: Some tributes with Sunil Sharma published by YKing Books, Jaipur. Many of her literary and critical articles have been anthologized. Currently, she is engaged in a UGC-sponsored Minor Research Project on the Structural, phonological, orthographical, grammatical and lexical differences in British and American English. Under Faculty Exchange Programme, she visited the University Department of English, Clayton State University, Morrow, Georgia, USA, in March-April 2012.

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