What does the mirror see

when the mirror looks

into its mirror self ?

mirroring itself


mirroring mirroring ,

mirroring mirroring mirroring ,

mirroring mirroring mirroring mirroring…

10 thoughts on “Entranced

  1. pramilakhadun

    Very lovely theme selected to write this lovely poem and the style used is so thought-provoking , making our imagination reach known and unknown destinations.Enjoyed reading it dear friend Louis.

  2. Umarani Jayaraj

    Ahh..this made my mind twist n entagle to be knotted more complex…of when I was mirroring the mirroring mirroring mirroring mirroring mirror!:) Gosh..it was fantastic ..n seems that phenomenon is almost infinite, this what the mirror did. Philosophical n introspective..n clever write in its brevity. Tq fr this write n share Louis Kasatin

  3. Sunil Sharma

    Dear Louis,
    I always believed that you secretly carried a bit of Lewis Carroll inside you—some remote DNA.
    This poem confirms my belief. Kinds discovery!
    Alice would love this.
    The Bard would love it.
    The crazy British artistic temperament that makes deliver the most daily items the most profound truths is here on full display in this idiosyncratic composition!
    You inherit that special artistic temperament…dismantling to reassemble a matrix of newer possibilities and meanings and symbols.
    Mirror—facing mirror…wow!
    Mirror, mirroring…the very mode of looking and constructing subject-hood in an arbitrary manner through ordinary mirror is well-captured in a series of lines and repetitions that as a linguistic unit rhymes to produce an audible effect and a fresh sense.
    They call it defamiliarizing process.
    A captivating visual!
    A great poem!
    In lesser hands, it would have turned into sheer jabberwocky on a dinner table in a dysfunctional family or pure juvenilia recorded in a diary now faded with age and dust in a dark attic.
    You- through a touch of Carroll- take this crazy idea into the level of art.
    Carroll lives on.
    Please keep on composing such surrealistic stuff as a brain-food for hapless mass readers trapped breathless in an inane age of puerile entertainment.
    Best from India.

  4. Sunil Sharma

    Please read the third line, last part: Kinds as kinda. Sorry for the typo.
    Thanks for your patience and indulgence—all the fans of dear Louis here and elsewhere.

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