Looking back into that mirror
where our childhood lingers,
with its faraway faded images
waving to us
in the here and now;
Only it is us
in the here and now
waving forlornly back to ourselves

as we stood and stared and stood
like unanimated cartoons
in that mirror;
where the action moved on
storyline progressed
leaving us in the here and now
wary of missing the finale,
that denouement
better left unwritten.

2 thoughts on “Entranced

  1. Amita Paul

    There’s something about reflections in wells and mirrors that inspires reflection as in musing or thought .

    The concept of a denouement “ better left unwritten “ is ominous but still intriguing.

    There is feeling of time- travel about this somewhat unsettling poem delivered with the poet’s characteristic aplomb


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