National Geographic and FAO
Have been asking us from the word Go
To use insects as food
It’s polite and not rude
It will help global warming to slow

Minilivestock rearing, insect farming
Is an antidote to global warming
With our carrots and peas
We’ll harvest ants and bees
And the stores with new foods will be swarming

Stinkbugs have an apple-like flavour
Agave Worms ( Red) are spicy to savour
Tree Worms bring to mind
The taste of pork rind
Nutty Ants for dessert some would favour

You may well have mealworms for a meal
With awkwardness you will learn to deal
So that bugs don’t appal
You’ll do well to recall
Cooks have long used colour cochineal

Entomophagy is the rage
Nutritionists are on the same page
As Environmentalists
Making many long lists
Of insects to entomophage

( ASA)

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