Ends are beginnings

Ends are beginnings

your thoughts
your way of living
outgrowing people
once dear to you
rejecting your past no way
your journey it is
travel back ever
not possible
cling to the known
live in your comfort zone forever
not a choice
one and only reference point
is your connect
with the universe
the only eternal truth
to move on towards
your better version
you realize
that you  have
outgrown yourself
it is the end
a beginning as well
you are reborn
not knowing the next step
not sure of the next breath
is the miracle called life
you move with
your trust and love for life
outgrowing yourself
is your faith in life.

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Poet, abstract artist, documentary film maker. Has 20 published books, 9 collections of poems translated in Greek, German, bangla, urdu, dogri. Writes both in English and Hindi. Has scripted and directed 7 documentary films. Has held 35solo exhibitions of paintings in India and abroad. Based in Delhi, India.

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