I love decluttering these drawers of you

Of libertine trifles that speak your name –

A wine cork, a happiness bite, a nibless pen,

A pair of sad eyes, fleshy sighs, giddy heart-

Before I kill my Christ-like day into the night.

And when I am done with the inside takes,

I reach for the outer foldings of you,

The ones I envy the warmth and the sundry veils

Where the sound has a still, accommodating voice

Pondering into the likes of us, on a coffee sip.

And when the pockets are felt to the stiches,

Let me sneak under the blanket you won’t lift

Where all the lies crumble and tumble into truths

We fabricate to fill in the aching we harbor

In the way our hearts fly through God on a good day.

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