Ecclesiastical Divinity

Describing you is a scintillating job
And I would love to scour through my heart
Bringing you in front of my undrunk eyes
Which will make me tipsy for a while.

Those dark tresses will explain
My madness on bonsai pine trees
Neatly pruned and shapely done
With a fragrance that carries up the earth.
Now come take these
White velvetty flowers
And roll them on your plaits
To spread radiance over the globe.

Those sharp lashes will reveal
My madness on sword fights
Systematically kept and evenly done
With a curve that holds the heaven tight.
Now come take these black mascara
And apply mild on those crescents
To brighten up the moon.

Those round big eyes will speak
My madness on cats and kittens
Torched with glory and brownily done
With a charisma that pulls rainbows down.
Now come take these rosewater droplets
And shed few drops in those oceanic innocence
To cool down the volcanic fury.

Those chubby round cheeks will assess
My madness on adam’s fruit
Reddishly painted and impeccably done
With a softness that melts snowy flakes.
Now come take these grinded paste of rose petals
And apply them gently on that gentle globes
To make the heavenly beauties envy at you.

Those heart shaped lips will interpret
My madness on strawberries
Pinkishly attired and juicily done
With a flavour that awakens the sleeping stars.
Now come take these amber of heaven
And smear it evenly on those lustre cherries
To fill the avalanches with shame.

I can now go on and on
Describing you with everlasting frolic
Without a hint of timidity
But there is more about you
I should disclose on a day like this.

You blush… ah!
Just like the brooks
That picks its pace
After a heavy downpour.

You speak
Like the Jumping fish
That has a frequency modulation
Every now and then.

You walk
Like the sheep
That crosses a meadow
In a tidy slow step.

Here again
I am delving deep
Into the canals of my brains
But need to stop here.

Because you are the ultimate sophistication
That has driven my passion
And lit before my eyes
The lamp of selflessness and compassion.

You are that heavenly bliss
Who talked through my life
And knocked on my heart
To wake me from oblivion.

You are that obsession
That can’t be severed
From the tunnel of my mind.

You are that shadow
Which will stick along
Till I evaporate my soul
Into thin air.

You are that ecclesiastical divinity
Which will remain unclosed
And treasured deep within me
Forever and forever…

2 thoughts on “Ecclesiastical Divinity

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    What a wonderful and genuinely surprisingly descriptive poem all about Nature and the wonder of Creation.It’s at this point during Destiny Poets’ monthly “Not Just poetry” workshop sessions,that someone usually asks,a) what inspired you? and b) are you drawing on the influences of classic verse or writers? if so whom?

  2. Mohamed Umar Farooq Post author

    well Louis this poem was written thoroughly under pressure for a girl who really wanted me to describe her poetically…and as far as influence …. i am an ardent lover of nature and i could say more than a classical writer, nature in its class influences me quite often.. i read lots of classics though…

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