Eccentric, a new trajectory

Far away from the center of it all
The different one is
Whom we must label
To ease our minds
To calm the fear of his eccentricity
Cause we must label everything
Put everything in boxes
That is the way we process things
Name and label, attach numbers
Keep everyone in the circle
The known circle

We are the different ones
We are out the circle staring inside
Craving for normality, for their perfect square boxes, elegantly labelled
We wear heavy make up
Glitter and shiny outfits
To be heard, to be visible
To own the right to be labelled
To spread the message we’ve been given
The message that bent our roots and pushed us out of the common circle
But you know what
We can always start our own circle

Out the circle, in the circle
With or without a label
Message delivered, message received or not
The world is still spinning
Progress is taken place
We grow

10 thoughts on “Eccentric, a new trajectory

  1. Amita Paul

    An analytical poem seeking to break the bounds of arbitrary classifications, this piece would have benefitted from rereading and revision to eliminate avoidable typos like “ we were heavy make up “ and “ shinny outfits “.


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