Dusty Roads



I came down a dusty road and turned towards Memphis,
The first time I’d ever been in Tennessee,
I thought I saw the ghost of Elvis down on Jackson Avenue,
But then I saw him once again on South Front Street.
You were a country singer up from Texas,
Trying to make a name, against the odds;
While I was just a drifter, a failed writer and a poet,
Somehow our paths were charted by the Gods.
We found a small apartment just off of Greenlaw,
And I found a job working in a bar,
You kept trying to make it in the ‘big time’
While my life turned more and more towards beer.

Then one night, lady luck turned your way,
An offer in a big new travelling show,
When you came home, I could see the stars in your eyes;
And realised a poor boy like me, just had to go.
So I wish you luck, and all that it will bring you,
I hope some day to see your name up there in lights,
But I’m riding down these dusty roads
Looking for the highway-
I’m riding down these dusty roads again tonight.

© Fingleton (novembre 2016) (Löst Viking)

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