Had there been drunkenness in bottles

Of wine and whisky and other alcoholic drinks,

The bottles would have danced in shelves

And champagne bottles burst in joy.


So many lives are being lost

With over-consumption of alcohol.

This is because people surrender

To the powers of alcohol to become its slaves.

Those who know how to drink, where to drink,

How much to drink and with whom

Remain the masters and enjoy drunkenness.


However, drunkenness comes in myriad forms,

The queen of drunkenness being the elixir of love.

It takes you to those heights where

Only few lovers have reached.

Transcending everything, unbridled,

Like heart-rending epiphanies,

You are transported to lands magical

Where lanes are flowery and streams meandering.


There is drunkenness in time travel,

In compassion and generosity,

In the rising and setting sun,

In the evocative imagery of poetry,

In watching a mother breast-feeding her baby

And in the mating of animals

Among the bushes green and flowers wild.


Drunkenness comes to those fighters of rights,

Those who produce oeuvres of universal validity,

Those who portray the forgotten face of History,

The joyful painters and avid musicians

While producing great works of art

And the tillers of land, the food growers

Whose heart beat joyously with drunkenness

While they sing the innocent songs of harvest.


pramila khadun


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I am the holder of a Bsc degree in Food and Nutrition from S.N.D.T University,Pune,India.Have taught this subject in a private institution for almost thirty-five years.Currently, I am retired and travel alot with my husband Raj, daughters Dr Rajnee and Priyum and son Airline Captain.Had my first book of poetry published by Minerva press, London and other two in Mauritius.More coming soon.I love poetry and enjoy reading poems of poets across the world and I feel Destiny Poets is the right place for me.

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