Dragons and Pagodas

Come with me ,
We will leave
the exertion of mine and
the world behind
Let us part with the place
Where we belonged
to nowhere in the earth
We walked so far..
I wish to stay
Until tomorrow
and wait for you
Even I desired to flee

He came wearing chinos,
And a light colored tee
With a chic blazer
and a smile on his face!
Off court or on court,
he was slightly summer
to women of all seasons
And envy of all men
His patent black leather shoes
Stopped walking for a while
Mixed bone China ,painted
With blue dragons
and more serene pagodas
Stood behind him

Carrying roses from the valley
Bloomed inside my room
In all the vases and
In all the colors
I borrowed their fragrance ,
beneath my skin…
I borrowed the moon
Over my face in the night..
Stars disappeared
Leaving the sky aloof
Darkness spread
Like a satin wing..
His trembling fingers
Sketched a dragon,
Lord of moving ocean
On my anxious lips
China bone dropped

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About Rekha Moothedath

I'm a teacher by profession, hailing from Calicut, south-west coast of India. I was brought up in a huge joint family, a home in lush greenery and a mile away from the sea shore. Being married to a defense personnel, has enabled me to travel widely within India and once made me write a poem on the great Andaman islands. I did my post graduation in History and I do research papers and have published a paper on medieval Indian feudal society, in the International History Congress. Sometime in the late nineties initiating a life time love with Latin American poetry I mustered up all my passions in writing. Though my head fought battles and spoke peace, poetry was always a deeply embedded part of my soul and I was enamored of her beauty and traveled through the emotions of tempest and silence and overcame the desolation.

10 thoughts on “Dragons and Pagodas

    1. Rekha Moothedath Post author

      I am truly honored and humbled at your words Sir. My very first attempt at posting my poems, on this site and your appreciating words, encourages me to do more and better myself. Thank you very much.

  1. JonyBoy

    Breathtaking images of sensual love and romance, with varied colorful images of the Orient, flashes thru my mind. really enjoyed reading it. good one Rekha. (y)


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