An expanse of Blue Dream tonight
A walk through many doors
Within short time

I stand away in the rotten city
My journey towards the doors
Does it dispel my gloom
Or Am I seeking my doom ?

Not intoxication
Or Illusion

Flames embraced me
At first door
Flesh separates from bone
Second door leads me way
Layers of my flesh
I eat as I reach the third
Spirit and alcohol sprayed
On the open flesh
Cries, moans and screams
Reach the skies
Every seed and cell within
Suffer and die

I met my doom
Dispelled by gloom
A thousand fireflies
Greet me
As I emerge
As Light……


2 thoughts on “Doom

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A glimpse of the apocalyptic with hints of Dante.
    Several editorial notes ; ” Doom ” would be a better poem and engage the reader more readily by avoiding the lumbering opening line that announces a ” Blue Dream “. Please also note; ” Within a short time ” and ” At the first door “.


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