Domestic fights in time of famine II

She was late again that evening
Too many women at the beauty parlour
She said
When he finally arrived
Late as usually
Drunk as usually
Enraged as usually
He took every painting,
Every framed picture or drawing
From the hallway walls
And passed his fist through it
The show ends with a crystal ashtray
Matching another mirror….

Next evening the entire family goes
To dine out at the writers’ club
Same pattern as first time
No sour cream on walls
Just shards of reconciliation

9 thoughts on “Domestic fights in time of famine II

  1. iulia gherghei Post author

    Thank you so much!!! I fish through my memories to reveal myself the details of my inner arhitecture…. Sounds a bit too pompous…. I know… 🙂

  2. ramesh rai

    Domestic violence has become now common which is the root of destruction and frustration. There are so many aspects of domestic violence. Through your brilliant ink you have sketched the most common reason for domestic violence. Thanks for sharing.


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