Does a Pebble Feel Lonely?

Does a pebble feel lonely as it’s tossed o’er wave, upon wave?

As it falls through tempestuous waters, calmed by the Gulls’ lull?

Do pebbles lie in horror at what it’s new ocean bed doth bring?

Or lie waiting to greet the oceans’ creatures friends, new?


Pebbles n’er have, a voice that is heard

Nor do they wander with purpose in hand

But only when tossed, do these pebbles fall hard

Disturbing the space, as they land, crashing all.


So the question is asked,

‘How can we tell that, when pebbles get tossed,

From ocean wave all, do they really care

where each new land break their fall?’


A moral is said in these words bode to all

Should we dare wander if we land down safely?

Or do we crash as we fall?


Names can be said, and truth really doth hurt

But if God’s Plan is gentle shouldn’t like Christ

Do we love all?


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

2 thoughts on “Does a Pebble Feel Lonely?

  1. Louis Kasatkin

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