Do You Know What Real Madness Is ?

Does anybody knows what real madness is
Does anyone have experienced it
Its when you are deeply in love with someone
Its when you are only and only want to be in that world

We do have different likes
We do have different love
For some its one and only
For us it Poetries and that is only love

Its the craziest relationship we do have
its also the craziest affair somebody can have
It’s solely and wholly with only and one
the relationship which is very well known

We can have many benefits to loving your poems
not only one or two but many
it will always be there when u r alone
it will always be there to listen when there is no one

No break ups no fightings
its the relationship which we can nourish
relationship which is so pure
with whom we can spend as many time we want

The best bonding one can ever have
best friend anyone can get
when someone start writing, about this relationship
the words wil go on and it will never come to an end

Choice can differ for some
choice can be different for some
here the only relationship which we can talk about
its all about the relationship with our poems


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About Poet Azam

Passionate about Poetry writing. Favorite topic to write is LIFE AND most passionate in writing about LOVE. Aim in life is to motivate people through write ups & Want to become the greatest writer in the Universe. Written more than 200 Hindi poems, 40 English poems Love's to write shayaris Aim is that write up should go to those who need it. Winner of World Writers Competition - Get placed in Top 10 Selected out of 2200 Poetries World wide

1 thought on “Do You Know What Real Madness Is ?

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This is a lively and energetic poem that deals with life’s travails in a pleasing and engaging manner.

    A good first post and share from Destiny Poets’ newest registered member ! Welcome indeed !


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