Do what you will

Do what you like , you people of anger !
Do what you will , O people of hate !
Do what you will , and well we know it
That you have put the world in danger

Do what you will , poke all your pins
Go on , do your worst , and tell all your lies
Though you may believe that you’ve snatched the prize
One day you will know that truth always wins

Do what you will , the earth still spins
Do what you will , seasons still change
Do what you like, we’re out of cold’s range
And blossom by blossom the spring begins

( ASA )

4 thoughts on “Do what you will

  1. amitapaul Post author

    Thank you , Vijay Nair.
    This was really meant as a statement of faith in the ability of Natural Universe to keep and restore moral balance in the Human World ,though of course it is also critical of wrongdoers


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