Digital Pals

I upgraded with time
from pen pals to watssap
launched to skype
faced facebook
twisted by twitter
the hardcore technologist that’s me
a man machine all the time
working, pretending
to make a living
but when this world sees me on line
knows me yet I am still fine
alive and kicking

made new friends, found old freeinds, found fake freinds
and also found a surprise ancestor
i admit while all had passed me on line
many poked me punched me or just kissed me
mighty grateful for you guys who did those
on my juicy little home page
we liked each others better
our pics shared with
our jokes laughed at
smileys exchanged
we found each other’s families
hobbies and lifestyle and tours

amidst all this
we shared sorrow and happiness that
the journey of life is saddled with
the keypad became my pillow to drop
a tear
for a sorrow, for a tragedy, for a disaster
that we shared from all near and dear
on the keypad as someone bade gooodbye
we taught each other and
also learnt from each other
to keep our bonding, intact
and closer, despite
being a miles apart

i chanced a kick here, a push there
a flirt here ,a confession there
still the likes came along
the comments some good bad and ugly
The virtual world is as good as real
thank you for the time
for the consideration
for the trust
for the confidence in me
to share your kicks, pushes, flirts and confessions with me

i now know you guys better
and you guys know me better
Many of you have found your love here
Some have confided with views you share
Many still have showcased your persona
It is always a pleasure knowing your aura

felt sad
when the missing green dots
across your name
didnt blink a while
like losing a freind far away
the beeps and signals
that shows you up
has made many day and
night so great

i love this science
and technology
which is my bread and butter
still made my life much better
the year is dawning
i am not remorse
for my green dot will blink at you for
long lot more
take us through another year

and to all the freinds i have on my page
i thank you for the great year
i will see you all soon
with greater passion
under the next year’s moon

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