Diet Monday

Heavy eyelids fall over dry eyes
empty small spaces in my breath
huge cravings for a sweet, painless sleep
like a drunk man looking for a brick to lay his head on
to pull the sidewalk on his shoulders as a cover
sleep till Monday next to the end of the world
sleep till chocolate is no longer sweet
sleep like no heaven will open its door
sleep like the snake who ate my chocolate
leaving only apples behind
laughing in its slumber at the chubby Eve
who can’t even exit the dream

8 thoughts on “Diet Monday

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Obsession and longing.Even chocolate gets the Film-Noir treatment ; is that a zither I can imagine in the background playing a haunting melody ?

  2. sunil sharma

    A cavalcade of images; the ironical reversals; the sacred and the profane; contemporary and the ancient; hedonism and restraint—all things perceived upside-down, Alice-like sliding fast—the rabbit hole!

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