Did We Think To Thank-You?

Did we think to thank-you before we asked

Again for everything unmeasured?

Before we asked for better cars

A leak-proof house,

The cutest cat, or a playful pup?


Did we think to thank-you in our time of need

When all things grew, from strength to strength

That we fell upon our knees, when sad?


Did we think to care enough

To thank-you for it all

With leaves that sparkle, like dew-drops

As it rains, again?

Or see the fish fly through the air

Escaping fast-flowing rivers, flooded

Once more?


Did we think to thank-you when squeals of tears

Ring through the air –

When all’s asleep and tranquil

And baby’s teeth, begin again?


Did we stop and recognise your wisdom, True divine

As blessed we were, to spend more time

With our Spirit, sweet and pure

To witness sparkling rays of hope

As sunshine waits for no-one?

With outstretched-arms, spread forth it’s warmth

Enveloping everything, and all?


Did we think to Praise Thee, our Father, up high above –

For everything you always do. For us

Through your Divinity of Love?


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2011/2012

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