Diary of a reading eve

The poet talked about his fears
his favorite football team
about that singular football player
returned then at his knee and back pain

He sips from the glass the red wine
and continues with his obsessions
death in the middle of the street
while a long line of women
in fact, all are waiting a fellatio from him

Somewhere around the middle he told us
about his wife and kids
about walls that wear famous quotes
in long forgotten places
Also here, he mentioned about his white ass
I too, thought that was important for all of us
In the end, the glass was empty
My mind conveniently washed
we all were feeling cozy in the poet’s skin
then he hit us
announcing that all was just a poem

6 thoughts on “Diary of a reading eve

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Odd and more than a little disquieting ; then again nothing out of the ordinary from this author in yet another incisive work. ” Diary of a reading eve ” ,does however capture the banality, venality and self-absorption of a literary evening spent listening to a celebrity poseur,drinking the usual wine and affecting the same pseudo-intellectual pretensions. The tone is waspish ,albeit of a thousand wasps.

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