2 thoughts on “Detachment

  1. tapeshwar Post author

    The below is an apt comment from outside the Destiny Poets’ Group by my dear and loving friend Abhishek Kumar Shandilya, and I find it resonating with the poetry beat:

    “Wow,this poem has a creative level of interpretation. It reminds us the ultimate goal and the meaninglessness of life cycle. We all born to live learning many lesson until we realise what we attained or lost. This realisation is everything that you call it Nirvana and after that our situation becomes like the falling leaves that have to be swept away or to be burned in fire.
    You want to know life after death whether any difference would be seen in comparison of life that have lived.Here the poet is a seeker who is seeking life different of this world.Ascetic one,and philosophical.”
    @ Abhishek Kumar Shandilya

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