Detached Yet Suspended..

I felt the hand’s grip and together walked the steps,

Another shadow to folly those watchful eyes,

A better half to lose my whole self…

Pretensions to keep the truth shelved.

Never did I utter a hearty word, just brain’s plot played..

With a closed heart and a narrow mind,

The riches did grow and so did the fear..

Death became imminent and near..

I did yell to God more often,

Whenever the fear crept in..

It was only often and not with a depth within!

Not an ordinary human to live and die out of greed,

“His” plans to make me stand apart from the usual creed..

Being ripped off the mortal shadow was the beginning…

The body’s quench stopped after all the exploring..

Slowly did the vanity concede beyond boundaries,

Freed am I from the clutches of ephemeral realities..

Soul is immortalized by the eternal abstractivities!

No more mask to wear and share..

And my mind knew no fear and shear!

I am myself with wings that flutter,

Ready to fly into the dark cosmic gutters..

Holding better havens than the worldly colours.

I am detached yet suspended;

Detached from the earthly pleasures,

Still suspended to the heavenly conspiracies!

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About Umarani Jayaraj

An Avid Literary Enthusiast ,have just entered the main arena of writing with poetry,to follow suit on other forms too .Keen on writing my soul out on intriguing soul-searching/stirring metaphysical themes,passionate romance ,social concerns close to heart & anything influencing me-- with a sort of surrealistic imagery n crafted wordplay being my natural style. Want to have a firm professional place in literary & creative media world reaching global audience! (Ahh, its warmth of home ..coming back here to Destiny now after almost 3 to 4 yrs , this 2015, feels I was away for long...but at my other poetic home so lovable as this. I wish I keep frequenting both the soulful spaces foreva..!:) tq Poets, tq Destiny. Various Links to this nomadic me:)

2 thoughts on “Detached Yet Suspended..

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A really great first post to share with us! My initial impressions on reading this work are,melodic and yet somehow sparse.Which on closer analysis doesn’t seem to add up in the conventional sense.Since melody tends to infer a richness and to think of sparse kind of militates against that.Emtional/Spiritual tension may be closer to the mark.Even curiouser,I tried to imagine someone like Joni Mitchell or Carole King actually performing this.

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