Winds surge up
As violently as they would
In the world’s biggest typhoon!

Winds surge up
And carry me away
As if I were a mere dried up leaf
Cracked on all sides
Too weak to even fight their strength!

As I move away,
I look back
With teary eyes
At everything that I was leaving behind
Feeling as heavy as would a child
Watching her parents leave for work
After having spent a cajoling weekend together!

Why, in a realm where even my body
Does belong not to me
Why should I even allow myself to shed tears
Over all that which I wanted
But which never happened?

It is best to look in front of me
And see that to which the winds push me,
The higher powers,
Their living altars,
Their magic and their might,
Their purity and their divinity!

After all, maybe the winds have been sent
To allow me to shed off the veil
Covering my eyes
The veil of feminine love
The veil which did whatever it could
To hurt me
As if it were a hammer and my body
The surface to plant in nails of all sizes!

Maybe I shall be, happy, at last,
There where the winds blow me
Maybe, there is where I belong
As I remained a misfit in this life
My life will be mine
And I shall see meaning and purpose
In Existing!

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