It’s Tuesday,
The day of Hanuman:
The ardent disciple of Lord Rama.
The old devotee steps out of the temple
Amidst chiming brass bells
After paying obeisance to the Vanara God
Saffron tikka on his forehead
A packet of prasad in his hand
A big platoon of paupers
Young kids and women,
Hunch-backed old
In tatters and barefoot
Sitting in a semi-circle
With polythene bag in hands
Occupying half the busy road
Outside the temple
Waiting for a miniscule share of prasad
From every exiting devotee
The devotee patiently
Goes round
Places on each stretched hand
A bit of sweet Prasad
Paupers gratified
Affluent devotees fully convinced
With their enormous deed of charity
To the luxury of their elite apartments
To the well-laid out dinner.

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About sangeeta sharma

Dr Sangeeta Sharma is head of the department of English at Birla College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kalyan, affiliated to the University of Mumbai, India. She is widely published as a critic and poet. Besides that, she is a regular freelance for Mumbai-based national newspapers. Recently, she published a book In the Shadows: Women in Arthur Miller's Plays and co-edited Delightful Dickens: Some tributes with Sunil Sharma published by YKing Books, Jaipur. Many of her literary and critical articles have been anthologized. Currently, she is engaged in a UGC-sponsored Minor Research Project on the Structural, phonological, orthographical, grammatical and lexical differences in British and American English. Under Faculty Exchange Programme, she visited the University Department of English, Clayton State University, Morrow, Georgia, USA, in March-April 2012.

5 thoughts on “Delusion

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Delusion “, tackles head on with acerbic clarity the glaring inequalities generated and normalised by institutionalised wealth and power.

  2. Louis Kasatkin

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