Definitions of peoples

Definitions of peoples

massive crowds with brains washed
in a particular way
inoculated with hate of some kind towards the neighbour
mapping the land surfaces around resources
like dogs chasing the prey at the king’s hunt
chess pieces on the table
pion to face death in silence
pion to feed the ground with their blood
toys for day to day kings
upgrading new deadly toys
sheep herds blinded by fury and needs
flesh bullets against their own flesh and blood
blinded by holy words, by publicity adds
by politicians spells
manoeuvred by evil minds

4 thoughts on “Definitions of peoples

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Definitions of peoples ” is a knuckleduster of poem , a near cacophony of sharpened invective. It could almost be the coda to The Who’s “Won’t get fooled again ” , or the Stones’, “Streetfighting Man”.

  2. iuliagherghei

    Thank you Louis Kasatkin! My poem may sound as an invective but is merely a conclusion based on the historical flow….


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