Crazy in death as in life

Crazy in death as in life
Circles of vapors float around the moon
Red and dense, the fog is pressing on my chest
A death hit me with its news
Zillion tears turn into spears
You and your demise ruin my life again

Another kind of abandon
No time limit this time
Death becomes a bandage over my wounds

Last chat, last fight
An endless row of crazy deeds
Zest of a life poorly lived
You and your demise just another nail on my cross

6 thoughts on “Crazy in death as in life

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Vivid and raw. It is my contention that anyone can write poetry which,in truth,is mere soulless artifice; but it takes a genuine Poet to salvage truth from the wreckage of existence.And Iulia is one such gifted artist.

  2. Lopa Banerjee

    This is such an intense, vivid internal journey you have painted so beautifully with the brushstrokes of your words! Classic and poignant…

    God bless,


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