Craters of my heart

I fill craters of my heart
my silent tears
How have you been pursuant
of my blotted dreams
by the light of your pulsating eyes
far above the rotund sky
I become
The moment
I rue you whereabouts
into the wheezy
sound of unbearable loneliness, that
You are etching over my soul
Daplling the mottled remains –
Alive or dead

© Tapeshwar Prasad

4 thoughts on “Craters of my heart

  1. Amita Paul

    Pulsating pulsars are no doubt far far away from the dome of the as visible to Man from earth , as far has his eyes can see , but the mottled remains of a poet’s lacerated heart or his soul ( figuratively speaking ) can still be visibly dappled ( again figuratively speaking ) by the light and shadows of synaesthetically wheezy sound of the loneliness etched upon it by the other. As usual , a complex and intriguing train of thought in a relatively short poem by the poet, summed up by the pain of imposed loneliness , which makes it a poetic complaint addressed to the significant other, who could be real or imaginary , human or spiritual , mundane or divine.


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