I’ll be returning
to the pre-dawn woods
to chase some Coyotes,
I’ve had way too many calls
on them gettin’ close to livestock;
when Coyotes start gettin’ to be a
problem killing livestock and even pets,
a choice has to be made
a balance has to be struck;
Back in the 70’s
my parents used to get
$2 an ear for Coyotes;
they’d 3 calves that got killed
and in one night my Dad got
enough to buy 3 replacement calves;
Same choice I’ve got to make today,
same balance I need to strike,
I’ve had way too many calls,
I’ll be returning to
the pre-dawn woods
to chase some Coyotes.


This is a “found” poem. Any everyday,overhead speech or conversation or even a newspaper item can be utilised and fashioned into poetry.I got the bulk of this from a couple of facebook postings involving a country park ranger out West.

2 thoughts on “Coyotes

  1. sunil sharma

    An interior monologue that every country park ranger would like to forward, share and listen in order to justify the balancing they have to do in their line of duty. Poetry, indeed, can transform the drab, the vicious, the call of duty, the everyday into a sweet poetic cadence and nuanced rhythmic delight for the reader, experiencing that mental state and landscape.
    No FB posts, no ranger, no such poem by gifted Louis Kastakin also.
    Eliot is correct: the immediate can be productive for literary imagination in a rich way.

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