Costly But Nasty

Drain pits
Neighbour’s unknown
Smoke and effluents
Hard and fast traffic
people more harder and faster.

A jammed scenario
Entrapped youth
Lust and breasts – panoramic views
Dirty stench
Washes down the poison perfume worn
And sweat in humidity replaces.

Piled up duties
Untime work hours
Ear banging drum beats
On Saturday nights
Cheap opium sales
During immovable peak hours
Pimps and friendship clubs
At the door steps
Discounts displayed billboards
Bridges and Thar clad roads
Leading to malls and super shops
With bulged pockets going sick
Returning home in drenched clothes
Redefines the posh and slum life
Mixed and fixed culture.

Life in Chennai
Is costly
But predominantly nasty.

1 thought on “Costly But Nasty

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This captures modernity and focuses on the rapid urbanisation of society in a challenging and incisive way.I think that “Life in Chennai “in the poem’s title would underscore and strengthen what the poem says.The noise,confusion and smell “colour” and add depth to your cri-de-coeur.

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