Consciousness Fulcrum

In the sea that I float in
I wonder about where
The limits of consciousness lie

Sometimes, I believe they sparkle
In my dreams, set
In a world not yet discovered by the rest
Of my peers who are too tired to keep afloat
And who have not had any shine of mercy
Thrust upon them

At other times, I believe they vociferate
In that which my material self can perceive;
My duties, my enemies, my toils, my inspiration
And of course,
My interests in a world which shall remain immaterial!

But then, everything around us is troubled
In that we are all confused
About the essence of our own origin
And about the meaning of our purpose
We understand not from where our blood
Gets its reddish colour
And we keep studying ancient sculptures
Drawn on the remnants of lost societies
To try to perceive,
Something, if anything
About ourselves!

So, our consciousness then weighs itself
Against mercy,
Thrust upon us by that power so subtle
That our human eyes would burn
If we were to merely glimpse at it from afar
And thus,
It decides
As to what it wishes us to hold on to,
Whether it be a simple life lived by following
The pulls of our own senses
Or it be by letting ourselves be driven
By an awakened mind
All set and ready to set foot
In a world fairer,
Someday, at some time
Which we shall not choose for ourselves!

1 thought on “Consciousness Fulcrum

  1. Amita Paul

    The poet views the entire spectrum of human consciousness from the perspective of individual comprehension but also hints at the spiritus mundi and sets it up against or in contrast with divine consciousness and omnipotence, drawing her own conclusions from this analysis. In this sense, this is a metaphysical poem.

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