A sea roars in transient echoes
Within the curves of conch shells
Like transmitted secrets of times
Silent and vacant holding souls

Surfing on the translucent waves
who meant to take one only- alone
Each swell of dreams fetch them
Close to breaking tunnels, thoughts

Floating among the giant balloons
Landscaped life seems minuscule
Shades of expression brushed on
Drifting away to silent goodbyes

Sucking in voices along seashores
The conch confides of castles built
Washed away stealthily by waves
And winds, homes to crabby thieves.

The surfboards modeled to catch
All of them, even the hesitant ones
They too can resent and topple away
If one forgets who plays the dice here

Wrapping the hymns with topaz sunsets
And seagull calls she tells of the riches
Of a golden sea melting all days warmth
To cradle the moon sleeping in clouds.

-shashikala sasidharan-
All rights reserved as on 4/11/2016

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About Shashikala Sasidharan Elambakkattu

Shashikala S. is Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Rutgers University, USA working on developmental genetic and cellbiology. She has a doctorate in Proteomics and Cell Biology (Bio-technology) from Rajiv Gandhi Centre of Biotechnology (DBT), INDIA. And is actively involved with academic research, but poetry and painting are her passion. She writes on the realms of cosmic spirituality,nature's mysticism and egalitarian philosophy. Her poems have been published Kannur University Magazine, Tellicherry, Kerala and in anthologies 'Resonance" by "Poets Artists Unplugged" and "Across The Way" and at

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