Conclude with a start

Manifestation embodies
The gulf so wide
You conclude an end
In beginning of life

There it wafted out
In silent footsteps
Unrepentant, unattached
The shadow of life

Term it with silence
The flickering light,
Wick away the soul
Shedding light in dark night

Companion of mouth
Imparted a dart
All across the heart
Oozing a clot in red

Say it with THAT
I ever will be your becoming,
Conclude with a start
In an eternal beginning

5 thoughts on “Conclude with a start

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Conclude with a start ” , is the poetic equivalent of a moebius strip which presents the reader with the customary and delightful intellectual and philosophical challenge that is intrinsic to much of Tapeshwar’s work.

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