Coming out of Lockdown

Everywhere you turn today you’ll find
People with end of Covid on the mind
Everywhere you look you’re sure to see
People needing return to normalcy
But is the end of lockdown our sole end
Though it might signal things are on the mend ?
Surely we must look deeper than just that
To understand exactly where we’re at

Coming out of lockdown could mean relief
But somehow carefree joy beggars belief
The long haul Covid victims will still feel
They have to wait much much longer to heal
You may call this a conspiracy theory
But sadly this won’t be the end of story
The global oligarch- kakistocracy
Has plans that leave no room for complacency

Many may call it a gloomy world- view
But think Ebola Sars and think Swine Flu
Think mutations, side- effects of vaccine
Think devastation on the global scene
Coming out of lockdown only to find
A third wave grabbing us all from behind
The gaps between pandemics getting shorter
New global wars need neither shell nor mortar

Read Davos papers since twenty fourteen
The fourth industrial revolution scene
The plan to replace humans with AI
Let resource-gobbling billions quickly die
To open what’s still left of Planet Earth
For individuals of highest net worth
Leverage information asymmetry
And let the poor perish in entropy

Of what avail is end of lockdown then ?
I wonder , and then curse my evil pen
That will not let me revel in the joy
Of thoughts of hugs that loved ones will enjoy
That will not let me feel relieved to think
That friends can go out again for a drink
But fact is we have seen many lockdowns
Begin and end , restart when Fortune frowns

So rather than begin to dance with glee
I wonder when we’ll really be fear-free
I wonder when we’ll wake up and reverse
The dread Anthropocene not make it worse
I wonder when we’ll realise our planet
Is perishing , and do something not parrot
Mere platitudes hoping others will do it
And at the end say , “ Oh , sorry , we blew it ! “

Exploitative World Order must be changed
Priorities of governments rearranged
Unless we ensure the welfare of all
Our thoughtless joy is headed for a fall .
We need a permanent lockdown on greed
Let none of us take more than what we need
We need to restore the balance of Nature
Is killing poorest humans our best future ?

No , we must find better and just solutions
And let them not be just good resolutions
We need to act and act together now
The Indian Farmer’s Protest tells us how
We cannot let Big Money destroy land
And livelihoods only to build a brand
We cannot let a handful own the Earth
Get up ! Go forth ! And fight for all you’re worth

Fight wherever you are against unreason
Not saving your humanity is treason
Fight with whatever tools you have -Poetry
Is a great means like all Creativity –
Fight all the autocrats causing destruction
Engage in non conventional reconstruction
But first wake up from dreams of lollipops
Where end of lockdown every wish list tops !

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

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