Come, Rise the Sun

Come forward.
The base is vacant for you to stay.
The preceding sun has set in the WEST.
It’s time to rise and the east is yours.
All the past glories have stumbled down.
Come, breath freely.
The outlet is open for you.
Place your own sign post.
Influence the minds with your best designs.
fill colours of happiness all around.
Take advantage of the quiet
and serene background.
All the obstacles have grown weaker.
It’s the best time to act.
Leave your own marks
on the sands of time.
Give this world the best you have,
creating history of a new glory.
Hurry up! Take action
before the opportunity is lost.

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About aashi

Aashi Husain alias Fatima Afshan is a teacher by profession. She lives in India. Several of her poems have been published in anthologies like 'The Aquillrelle Wall of poetry book five and six', 'Umbilical Chords', 'The Divine Madness', The Dawn Beyond Waste', Colours of Refuge' etc.Apart from poetry, she likes to write short stories and articles too. She writes in Hindi, and Urdu languages also.

6 thoughts on “Come, Rise the Sun

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A pleasing poetic divertissement ,uplifting and life-affirming.

    ( Editorial Note for the Author ) ” Before the opportunity is lost ” would ,in my opinion make for a much stronger and impactful line on which to end your poem .What do you think ?

  2. aashi

    Thanks so much Louis Sir for making such a wonderful comment.
    Ofcourse your advice means a lot to me.I would happily like to edit it so that it’s ending becomes more strong. 🙂

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