Colliding…in despair

Colliding into your bliss

Me, the butterfly from paradise

I am hungry for your abyss

My flight into thy cave, my dance into thy space

between your lips and the eyelid of your soul

Me, the butterfly of tears

I am thirsty of thy shadow when the pillow caresses your ear

Let me be your fear, let me be your laughter

Let me sneak into your morning as the smell of hot coffee

Me, only me, the butterfly of frozen paradise

Frozen by your stare in the ceiling of my despair…

2 thoughts on “Colliding…in despair

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Colliding …in despair “, disp[lays a narrative tension between bright optimism and something much darker which is given free rein in this concise pyschological mini-drama. The carefree , “Me,the butterfly from paradise” is counterpointed,almost with relish later on by , ” me,the butterfly of tears”. Ominous undercurrents indeed!


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