Cloud Atlas

Our thoughts drift away like

balloons lost on the autumnal breeze ,

high above the derelict fairgrounds

sans illuminations sans crowds

their thrills and joys languishing

in the prison of our memories ;

memories themselves become the distant specks

elevated almost beyond perception ,

dancing their pavane amongst the

fleeing clouds being driven into ethereal

exile from the canopied stage ,

void of distinguishing features

its spectrum now uncalibrated ,

the cell is empty

our thoughts have…

4 thoughts on “Cloud Atlas

  1. Sana Rose

    The opening lines have such a hig imagery that sets the reader’s thoughts in the same path as the metaphor.. Great write on thoughts and memories with high specificity of their nature.

  2. Louis Kasatkin Post author

    Sun, 14 Jul 2013 at 8:18Sun, 8:18
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    Cloud Atlas by louis kasatkin
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    …. have drifted away
    excellent visual piece dipped in musing thought
    your work is a joy to your readers

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