Clothes Make the Man

We are born naked.
We roamed the earth naked
for a long, long time.
For millions of years,
the body was what it was.
It had no quality, no label and
no judgment attached to it.
It was a mere tool to get things done:
breathe, eat, drink, move, and fornicate.

Then someone invented clothes
out of necessity to protect
against inclement weather.
It was fine.
Then someone turned clothes
into a fashion statement.
It was still fine.
Then one day,
someone made clothes right.
So the body became wrong.
Someone turned clothes into a virtue.
So nudity became vice.
It was disaster.

Someone even said,
“Clothes make the man.
Naked people have little
or no influence on society.”
But no one challenged his premise
by making him sit next to a
nubile and naked young girl.

So the right went on to shame the wrong.
The wrong had to be covered with the right.
Man sinned the natural
to sanctify the artificial.

And the damage was done.
It has yet to be undone.

5 thoughts on “Clothes Make the Man

    1. Radhakrishnan.K

      Yeah, generally it is true. But there are exceptions like “HALF NAKED FAKIR”(Mahatma Gandhi)

      The poem is very well presented.


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