Clearing Away

A haiku here , a ghazal there
A sonnet somewhere in between
Wedged in here, there and everywhere
The remnants of her life were seen

The fridge, kitchen and pantry first
All cleared, stuff leftover or tinned
The bric a brac that smelt of must
Trinkets picked up or quickly binned

They took away the pots and pans
They took away sweaters and shirts
They could well use the ceiling fans
Salwar-kameezes, saris, skirts

The wheelchair was a useful find
The oxygen cylinder too
But bits and pieces of her mind
Written on paper forlorn flew

They cleared it all away at last
After much stress and even strife
The poems in a fire cast :
The flotsam and jetsam of life.

Bonfire of the vanities
The final truth of existence
The end of all inanities
From debris to non-existence.

( ASA )

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