I am a wanderer in the city
confidence external, fear internal,
waiting for the signal to turn green
the restless wipers on my windscreen.

I scream when I see a man.
with a cigarette in my hand,
I am anxious to park my car
in the middle of the bazaar.

The sea of crowd, overwhelmed me
I am living same day again and again
I try to fill my void with beer glass,
I am Bourgeoisie with a class.

On the commercial over my head
Up – Half naked girl on the roof of the car.
Below – the new PM candidate smiles
there will more bumps in a while.

My cell cried, I shiver
the new opportunity
makes me confused, I feel sad.
here even the good news is Bad.

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About Sameer

Hi, I am from Mumbai (India). Film making is my passion and writing is a great relief. When ever I want to say something or felt about something I used to write poetry. I Started Writing poetry at an early age during school till now. Its the way to say what I feel most of the time about the things which happen around us, a unique way of sharing thoughts without being judgmental.

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