It does not matter about holly,

hung on the mantle place

Not how big their Christmas tree

squeezing up the garden path.

Peace is all that is dreamt about

How gentle sounds this brings

To every heart that matters, and

Souls that do combine.


Christmas is the symbol

Of Peace to All the Mankind,

To every living creature that’s

Been placed here upon this earth,

To carry on through Grace of God

The Power of Love this brings.


When Peace is threatened, against mankind

Together we combine, our thoughts

and our heart-felt prayers

and deepened souls unit in God

and love as Christ we stand.


It is true that Christmas comes once a year

But heartache lingers on,

So as our fellow kinsmen struggle

Struggle to help Peace grow

Let us all keep doing God’s bidding

To keep the spirit strong.


Let all God’s children celebrate

the birth of Christ, so Pure

As we help this Peace, stay strong,

Forever within our hearts.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

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