Christmas Gift

Christmas gift

On 25th of december
of 2013
An old man
with long white beard
wearing a red coat
and a red cap
with a big bag
on his shoulder

I asked him
who are you?
with a low voice
he replied
I am the imagination of Jesus
My name is Santa Clause.

Jesus ordered me
to land every year
on this day on earth

He gave me this bag
which is full of gifts
and to distribute
amongst the people of earth
coz they celebrate my birth day

I asked the Santa
what do you give as gift?

He said
especially to the children
I give toys
as they like
but to man and woman
I give
what they wish

Again I asked
what have you brought for me?

Showing another bag
he told
a special gift for you
with full of
Love, affection, blessing, peace,
and prosperity
billions of dollar can not purchase

Giving me the gift
he asked me to disburse
amongst people of earth
This bag is never to get empty

He asked me
to give to my fellow man
to disburse to their fellow
the nicest gift on Christmas
then he said
and flew to the next
I too whispered

ramesh rai


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